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The friendly staff of Street Team Specialist in Atlanta, Georgia is committed to serving all your marketing needs. Our goal is simple: To make your event memorable by promoting it in the best way possible. We do this using a variety of proven advertising techniques.


Our Specialties

Brand Ambassadors

We have local brand ambassadors in different areas waiting to be tapped. They will work tirelessly to spread the good news about your show via word of mouth, distribution of product samples, and other marketing materials.

Direct marketing

Do you have fliers or posters that you need to be scattered all over the place? Our competent street team will gladly do that for you. They will go from door to door, give handouts, or coordinate with local businesses so your posters can be displayed there. We know who your audience is and where they are, so rest assured that your materials will be seen by the right people.

Graphic Design

Are you in the dark when it comes to designing your flier or poster? Contact us for great ideas and eye-catching designs that will wow your audience. We know what sells and we will create something memorable for your event.


Are you looking for a reliable printer for your fliers or posters? Look no further. We know many local printers who can give you the best deal for your printing job. What’s more, we can provide a good estimate on the number of copies to be printed depending on the kind of show you have. That way, you won’t waste money on making either too many or a few.

Get the word on the street now! Reach out to us for your marketing and networking needs today!

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